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you come, you see, i conquer

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contact: joyotee@kamerajoy.com or sales@kamerajoy.com

"first you must have the images, then come the words..." - the bridges of madison county

the water element

holy cow

kamerajoy candid

contact: joyotee@kamerajoy.com or sales@kamerajoy.com

churning: (2014)

Churning is a collection of images and culmination of thoughts. The Buddhist philosophy of 'the wheel of life' has been symbolized through the churning of the potters wheel. The action of molding the pot is calming and almost meditative. The music of chants has carefully been selected, to carry the emblem further. However the breaking point on the wheel is the focus. Force destroys the natural order of things.....or does it.....is the breaking point also a part of this growth and the circle.....some questions I am asking mostly, myself. Hope this video resonates with you not just visually and aesthetically but also at the deeper realms of your soul. May the journey continue.


contact: joyotee@kamerajoy.com or sales@kamerajoy.com

joyotee is a visual artist and photographer. kamerajoy is her perspective through the lens
in print
recent projects
Food Photographer for "The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook" published Sep 2012 by Straits Times Press
Food Photographer for "The Whole Food Kitchen" published Nov 2014 by Straits Times Press
Straits Times - 13th Aug 2013, Arts Life, Pg C5 - Photo credit
Pravasiexpress.com - 25th Oct 2013, "About the multi-talented Sangeeta Nambiar" - Photo Credit
Tabla, March -2013 featured the exhibition The Red Dot in Mosaic
temples of india - 2015
Mélange:  A solo exhibition at the French Book shop Tiong Bahru from 3rd to 30th Sep 2015
Peregrination: A Collaboration between Maya Bhalla and Joyotee @ Volvo Art Loft, 5th February to the 27th of February 2015.
Boundaries: An Installation art piece at the Goodman Arts Centre. Collaborative art piece between Maya Bhalla and Joyotee, venue sponsors Arts House Ltd for the Tanjong Goodman Open House - Jan 2015
down under - 2013, 2014, 2015
indochina trails - 2014
sikkim & kolkata - 2011, 2013
"The Red Dot in Mosaic" at Veridian Art House - group photography exhibition - Mar 2013
Kids Photo Workshop - proceeds going to "I am Amanat's" Cause
Chowk Dance Institution, Singapore - Official Protographer
"Supported by NAC - National Arts Council Singapore" for the exhibition titled, Peregrination, 2015
The Red Dot in Mosaic Exhibitions funded by "The Arts Fund", 2013
Awarded the Viewers' Choice - Best Artist Award (Digital Category) for her mixed media work "Urban Existence" at Aviskar 2012 - East Meets West Exhibition, January 2012, Gallery Gold, Kolkata, India.

contact: joyotee@kamerajoy.com or sales@kamerajoy.com